Kihlepa facts

Kihlepa is a great Estonian village situated in Pärnu County which is one of the 15 counties in Estonia, Northern Europe.

Kihlepa has a population of 159 based on a 2011 survey, though some of these people may have died since then. Some new people may also have been born so the total number of people may actually be the same. Or different.

Its coordinates are 58°23′43″N 24°14′39″E and you can use these if you ever need to find the town but are struggling to use your words. Kihlepa is exactly 62 meters above sea-level at all times. It has a weather of snow.

In Kihlepa the people speak the language of Estonian and sometimes, love. It has some very interesting cultural things to look at and also nature to enjoy, particularly if you enjoy pigs.

It would take a mighty 28 hours to get here by car, or 441 hours by walking. Or a number of hours between 28 and 441 if you drove some of the journey and did the rest on foot.

More about Kihlepa

Kihlepa has a really great dandelion festival that is in the top 100 in the world probably. It also has a pig farm that holds 2,800 pigs on a good day. This pig farm is owned by Kihlepa’s very own OÜ Lõpe Agro and creates pigs for the Rakvere Lihakombinaat, though no one really knows what that is.

The people of Kihlepa are mostly nice, until they get angry about things which is often. They love sport, but are rarely able to play as most of the town is overrun with escaped pigs. Kihlepa folk also like the dandelion very much indeed and often wear some in their hats.

Kihlepa’s main exports are sadness, pigs, dandelions, hats and sadness about pigs. You can do tourism in Kihlepa if you so desire and there are 6 places of varying accommodation to enjoy if you come on pleasure or business. Probably pig business.

Everyone in Kihlepa hates war and likes smiling, unless they are sad, which is often.

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